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Leading the Health Care industry in recovery and advocacy.

The MPHP, sponsored by the MSMA, is available to all Missouri physicians, and is designed to facilitate the physician's return to healthy, personal, and professional functioning through early identification, intervention and treatment.

Our mission is to facilitate the physician's return to a healthy personal and professional life through early identification, intervention, treatment referral, long-term monitoring and advocacy. It is available to all Missouri physicians, physicians in training, and medical students. The MPHP is legally and financially independent of licensure and regulatory agencies such as the BHA, BNDD, and DEA. We are funded through participants and donors like Medical Staff Organizations, Hospital Administrations, Component Medical Societies, Insurance Companies and Universities. Financial independence means objectivity and freedom to act in the participant's best interest.

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The formation of the Missouri Physicians Health Foundation in 1985, by the Missouri State Medical Association was due in large measure to the crusading efforts of Donald McIntosh, MD, a Kansas City anesthesiologist. In 1977 the MSMA formed an Ad hoc Committee on the Impaired Physician. The committee, which Dr. McIntosh chaired, was mandated to study the incidence of the problem of impairment in Missouri. The committee issued “The Mcintosh Report” in 1978 which was instrumental in the establishment of the first physician hotline, and subsequently the eventual formation of the MPHP. Dr. McIntosh once stated, “we have a responsibility to our colleagues to be concerned enough about them to respond to their problems.” 

Dr. McIntosh saw each physician as a valuable resource who had dedicated long years of study and financial resources in order to practice medicine. He also knew that in most cases these physicians could be helped and enabled to return to their chosen profession, after a period of rehabilitation. 
The MPHP strives to keep his vision alive by serving today’s physicians in need. We are proud to honor his memory and strive to uphold the high standard which he set.


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Areas Of Expertise

We work with various situations in an organized established process. The following represents the major classifications of services our clients receive.

Advocacy 95%
Consultation 90%
Intervention 85%
Referral For Treatment 80%
Monitoring 95%

Services Provided Throughout the State with regional offices listed below.

Home Office

St. Louis

Regional Coordinators


Kansas City



Poplar Bluff


Meet Our Team
Lisa Thomas
MD, MA, Medical Director
Robert Bondurant
RN, LCSW, Executive Director
Mary C. Fahey
LCSW, Program Director
Kay O'Shea
MA, CADC, Clinical Coordinator


Jane MacGreevy
MSW, LCSW, Case Manager
Nancy Morton
Hospital Services Coordinator/Editor, The Physician Lifeline

Jamie Aldrich
Client Service Coordinator



  • Physicians' Health Committee Members:

    • Scott Groesch, M.D.

      Richard Kenney, DO

      Carlos A. Maitz, MD

      Michael O'Dell, MD

      Bruce Parsa, DO

      J. Chris Perryman MD FACP

      Charles H Sincox, MD, FAAFP

    • Chairman:

    • William L. Woods, MD, FACC

  • Associate Medical Directors:

    • Joseph A. DeLucia, DO

    • James B. Reynolds, M.D., F.A.P.A.

  • Regional Coordinators:

    • Marty J. Dressman, MSW, LCAC, LCSW

    • Jeremy Duke, MA, LPC

    • Tracy Ellman, LCSW

    • Maria L. Evans, MD

    • Cathy Hodgson, Ed.D

    • Jayne E. Niskey, Ph.D